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Derry City area has a multitude of attractions to vist while you are enjoying your stay with us.

During the 18th and 19th centuries the port of Derry became an important embarkment for Irish emigrants setting out for America, Canada and Austrailia.Many of these people left because of poverty,hunger and unemployment. They sought a better life for themselves, but many did not want their decendants to suffer the kind of hardships they endured. Today we welcome back decendand of these great people to the maiden city, WELCOME HOME or in the language of your ancestors
Cead mile failte

Food & Drink

Mange 2
Flamin' Jacks
Mandarin Palace

Shopping and Entertainment

Richmond Centre
Millennium Forum

Tourist/Useful Information

Discover Ireland
Discover Northern Ireland
Derry Visitor And Convention Bureau
Derry City Council

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